Justice Gonzalez
"Throwing a punch is like beating your mother, it's weak and painless" - Justice Gonzalez
Production information
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance TBA
Cause/Reason TBA
Portrayed by Nina Dobrev
Character information
Nicknames Jay (by Percy)
Gender Female
Birthdate December 19th 1995 (age 15)
Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Family Charles "Charlie" Gonzalez (father)

Mrs. Gonzalez (mother)
Angel Gonzalez (sister)

Significant Other(s) Luke Castellan (boyfriend)

Justice Adrianna Gonzalez is a high school sophomore student and an employee at Starbucks as a busgirl who is the daughter of Charlie Gonzalez, a successful town lawyer who works alongside her friend, Percy Jackson's father Jacob Jackson in the courtroom. Justice is the co-captain of the high school cheerleading squad and is the rival to Bianca Di Angelo and is the current girlfriend to soccer/volleyball player Luke Castellan who is best friends with fellow athlete Nico Di Angelo and is the first victim of the group to suffer of domestic violence.

Character History

Before the Series

Justice and her elder sister, Angel were brought up in a conservative home and lifestyle even though Justice was very unclear of the identity of her mother. It is said because her mother had abandoned them, leaving Charlie to raise Angel and Justice on his own as a struggling single father. As a child growing up, Justice was the victim to bullying at school and around the neighborhood because she is mixed of Hungarian and Spanish descent. When her father was fed up with the bullying and getting fired from his job, he then packed up the bags and took himself and his children to Charleston Heights to begin a new life. Once the family was settled in their new home, events took a positive turn for the better and Justice was more happier with herself.

Season 1



Justice was raised by her single father, Charlie along with her sister, Angel and was abandoned by her mother as a child and was never seen again. Coming from a small family, Justice didn't have any cousins from her father's side of the family and was unaware of her mother's side of the family because she never saw any of them. Justice's mother is of Hungarian descent and her father is of Spanish who originates from Madrid but immigrated to the USA in 1971.


In Justice's freshman year of high school, she met Luke Castellan who then was on the track team and the two became friends after their first encounter. Soon afterwards, they began spending all their free time together doing whatever they could to make each other happy. Luke developed a crush on her and proposed a relationship to her at their freshman christmas dance and the two have been together ever since.