Luke Castellan
"Are you serial?" - Luke Castellan
Production information
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance TBA
Cause/Reason TBA
Portrayed by Jake Abel
Character information
Nicknames Hothead (by Michelle), Weird Emo Kid (by Brian)
Gender Male
Birthdate September 24th 1995 (age 15)
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Family Richard "Hermes" Castellan (father)

May Castellan (mother)
Courtney Hall (paternal half-sister)
Denise Hall (step/adoptive mother) Sherry and Ida Castellan (paternal grand-parents)

Significant Other(s) Justice Gonzalez

Lucas Andrew "Luke" Castellan is the paternal-half brother of cheerleader-dancer, Courtney Hall, the son of former town sheriff and current stock broker, Richard "Hermes" Castellan and the step/adoptive son of Denise Hall. Luke is a male protagonist who is currently a sophmore at Charleston Heights High School and is on the soccer and volleyball team. Luke currently works as a checkout clerk at Wal-Mart along with his best friend Nico Di Angelo.

Character HistoryEdit

Before the SeriesEdit

Luke was born in Glasgow, Scotland to May Castellan and Richard Castellan on September 24th 1995. Because of the instability between May and Richard, the two divorced and Richard took newborn Luke back with him to Charleston Heights where he would be raised. Growing up, Luke was considered a problem child by his father due to his rebellious attitude towards everything. As a preteen, his problem child behavior became worse, especially in school when Luke's grades began to drop from A's to D's. Richard wasn't happy with his behavior and he sent him back to Scotland for a year to be with his mother hoping that things would turn around for young Luke. When Luke returned, he was a mild juvenile delinquent who shoplifted after being tormented by his mother. Things quickly patched up in his freshman year of high school when he met fellow freshman Justice Gonzalez and began a relationship with her. Overtime, Luke's grades began to return to it's normal standards and as his father quotes "he might even make it into Stanford".

Season 1Edit



Luke spend some of his childhood in Scotland being raised by his parents, May and Richard until he returned to the United States with his father and being raised single handedly until he discovers he has a half-sister, Courtney.


Since his freshman year, Luke is currently in a relationship with cheerleader and dancer Justice Gonzalez.